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by - quarta-feira, janeiro 17, 2018

Set Av Baby
Body: ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl

Head: ToddleeDoo Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Hair: {Letituier} Kitty Hair Mesh -  Blonds HUD
Unrriged hair / 100% Original
Event @Sense Open 15 January.

Outfit: [Vk!] Nite-Nite Pajamas Unicorn
Available 3 colors.
Event @ColorMeCuteEvent Open 15th January.

Mask: [Vk!] Sleeping mask - Unicorn
Event @ColorMeCuteEvent Open 15th January.

Dog: [Black Bantam] Yorkie Puppy Side Sitting Hold RARE
Event @Kustom9 Open 15th January.

Bandaid: lambkin. Cheek Bandaid - Pink Owie
This pack includes 2 different mesh bandaids for your cheek and nose in 3 soft colors {neutral, pink & blue} clean or with an optional owie stain! They are fully modifiable and can be resized to a very small size.


Set Av Teen
Hair: [monso] My Hair - Yuri (HUD Blonds).
Event @Kustom9 Open 15th January.

Outfit: :::KC::: Glam Outfit
Included, Top, Skirt and Boots + Hud Drive 9 collors for all.
Event @Sense Open 15 January.


Bedroom: * AR * - Bedroom Set - Romantic Posh

Laptop: * AR * - Cute Laptop (Decor)

Dogs: [Black Bantam]  Yorkie Puppy Playing
[Black Bantam] Yorkie Puppy Cleaning
Event @Kustom9 Open 15th January.

Mirror: cinphul // shaggy mirror [arctic]
Available 4 colors
Event @Sense Open 15 January.

Lantern: *PAN* Hanging Vine Lantern V.2. (Silver)
14 Ribbon colors options
Ligth Effects
3 Lantern metalic colors
Plus many more features
Event @Sense Open 15 January.

Unicorn: comet. + starry unicorn + {pink}

Credits: ToddleeDoo  lambkin  Viv.a! Kids  Black Bantam  Monso ✿ comet.  * AR * ✿ *PAN* ✿ Letituier ✿ cinphul ✿ :::KC::: ✿ @Sense 

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