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by - sexta-feira, janeiro 12, 2018

Body: ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl

Head: ToddleeDoo Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Hair Girl: /Wasabi Pills/ Millie Mesh Hair - Style 1 (HUD Blonds).
Event @The Seasons Story Open 10 January.

Hair Boy: /Wasabi Pills/ Tyler Mesh Hair (HUD Blonds).

Sweater Girl: :BoWillow: I Have The Best - GOD BROTHER
Td Baby/Kids and Bebe body.
Event @Ninety-Nine Open 9th January.

Sweater Boy: :BoWillow: I Have The Best - GOD SISTER
Td Baby/Kids and Bebe body.
Event @Ninety-Nine Open 9th January.

Glasses: Sweet Baby - Minions Google Deluxe Mesh
Resizer included, so could fit with every kind of avatars (Adults & Kids)
4 Differents Textures for the googles [2 Gold, 1 Metal, 1 Leaf]
2 colors for the animated eyes, Purple or Yellow.
Animated Eyes, 5 Frames, and 2 Kind.
Glow, Highlight, and Opacity on a menu.

Necklace: {T.T} Missing Piece - Style 2
2 Necklaces Style 1 and Style 2 ( 2 Huds 6 colors ).
Event @ColorMeCuteEvent Open 15th January.

Cotton Candy: Muriel. Cotton Candy - Yellow

Cookies: :BoWillow: Snack Bag - Chocolate Chip Cookies
Holdable & rezzable bag & snack - click the bag for holdable snack.

Credits: ToddleeDoo  Wasabi Pills ✿ Sweet Baby ✿ BoWillow ✿ Muriel ✿ Tiny Trinkets 

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