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by - segunda-feira, novembro 20, 2017

Body: ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl

Head: ToddleeDoo Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Ruli

Event @Kustom9 Open 15 Nov.

Shape: {Baby Bug's Shapes} - Kalia (Bento Alice)
Included, Shape TD Baby and Bebe Body
Event @Ninety-Nine Open Nov 9th.

Band-Aid: Ohai. Kawaii Bruise w/Band-aid
Face tattoo, bruise kawaii with band-AIDS
with applicator for cutebytes/toddleedoo mesh heads
with applicator to remove the tattoo
and tattoo layer for avatars classics.

Set 1
Romper: {L.F.P} - HUD Lolo Overalls Jeans Pink
Available 4 colors
Baby body only
Event @ColorMeCuteEvent Open Nov 15th.

Socks: Wishes. Cloudy Knee Socks
Choose between 4 different color packs or get the Fatpack and get the Mix n Match option for ALL the colors.
Fits, TD baby / kids and Bebe Body.
Event @Ninety-Nine Open Nov 9th.

Set 2
Outfit: :BoWillow: Shelby Monster Outfit
10 colors
Sizes, TD baby/Kids And Bebe Body
Event @Ninety-Nine Open Nov 9th.

Bottle: Ohai. Bottle Chocola - Blush - 1 Rare
2 Rares (pink and blue) and 7 Commons.

Credits: ToddleeDoo ✿ Monso ✿ Baby Bug's Shapes ✿ lambkin ✿ Ohai. ✿ Little Friend Clothes ✿ Wishes 

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