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by - sexta-feira, novembro 10, 2017

Dress 1: (Jasmini)
Wishes. ~ Heidi ~
Available 5 colors
Sizes, TD Baby/Kids And Bebe Body.
Event @Shop Hop Open 04th November.

Jacket 2: (Caroline)
Paper Damsels Jamie available 12 Colors
Sizes, TD Baby and Bebe Body
Event @Shop Hop Open 04th November.

Shoes: {T.T} Candy sneakers
10 colors style HUD (Resize) Ankle foot lock non rigged
Sizes, TD baby/Kids Hd Body and Bebe fitted body.
Event @ColorMeCuteEvent Open Nov 15th.

Credits: Paper Damsels ✿ Wishes ✿ Tiny Trinkets  @Shop Hop 

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