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by - quinta-feira, outubro 26, 2017

Body: ToddleeDoo Baby Girl

Head: ToddleeDoo Baby Mesh Head

Hair: Doe Polly (twotone) - Blondes

Sweater: Wishes.  ~ Olive Sweater
Available 12 colors
(TD and Bebe fitted sizes)
Event @ColorMeCuteEvent Open Sep 15th.

Headband: Wishes.  ~ Batty Headband
Available 10 colors
Event @Ninety-Nine Open Oct 9th.

Juice: :BoWillow: Monster Juice Box RARE
There are 8 commons and 1 rare. All the boxes are animated to drink & the rare when you touch it has texture change.
Event @ThePlayRoom 5th for public and Oct 4th early access for the VIP.

Credits: ToddleeDoo ✿ Wishes  BoWillow 

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