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by - sexta-feira, outubro 20, 2017

Body: ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl

Head: ToddleeDoo Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sugar Rush Mesh Hair

Romper: 7. [M] Trail Raider Bodysuit w. Jacket Belted - RARE
Set Includes: 6 common, 2 rares

Commons: Long Sleeved Cotton Bodysuits
Rares: Long Sleeved Cotton Bodysuits + Belted Cargo Vest (Green & Beige) Each includes 2 HUDS (Solids (6) Patterns (5))
This set is rigged for the 4.0 ToddleeDoo Mesh Body and lower and is NOT fitted
Item is 100% Original Mesh and is exclusive to the event.
Event @ThePlayRoom 5th for public and Oct 4th early access for the VIP.

Pose: {Confetti Poses} Country Pack
5 animations poses / 5 ADD poses  + Cow included.
Event @ThimbleEvent Open 20th Sep.

Sponsors: ToddleeDoo ✿ Maple  Confetti Poses ✿ @ThePlayRoom 

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