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by - terça-feira, dezembro 13, 2016

Body: ToddleeDoo Baby Girl

Head: ToddleeDoo Baby Mesh Head

Hair: TRUTH HAIR  Loni-variety

Set: {Juniper} Rory Outfit Rory Comes in 8 color packs to choose from, The Fatpack has 3 bonus prints, great value getting 19 different print choices for a special event price. Rory is an Original mesh dress, each color pack comes with 2 prints, matching boots for each and Tights @Ninety-NineEvent  Open Dec 9th

Pose:  {SJ} Isabella Pose Pack 5/ static poses (animations and pose ball versions)

Credits: ✿ Juniper ✿  Strawberry Jam 

✿ Thanks for the visit 

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