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by - sábado, dezembro 03, 2016

Body: ToddleeDoo Baby Girl

Head: ToddleeDoo Baby Mesh Head

Set 1: The Spunky Monkey Candy Outfit Gatha (10 models) 50L per play  @LittleEvents Open Dec 1th

Set 2: Shirt *2 AM*  Sparkel (All Sizes) @Twinkle Star Hunt  Dec 1 th-Dec 8 th 
Socks: .Wishes. Crazy Mismatched Christmas Socks Toddlledoo Baby And Kids (6 options per sock) Item Transfer Only @LittleEvents Open Dec 1th

Pose: {SJ} Holiday Photo Book  @LittleEvents Open Dec 1th 

Credits: ✿ *2 AM* ✿ .Wishes.   The Spunky Monkey   @Twinkle Star Hunt   @LittleEvents 

✿ Thanks for the visit 

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