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{Little Miss} Woodland Bedroom Set
1 RARE and 16 Commons
Available at the Mainstore! 
Little Miss
Bed: 4 sleep ; 4 sits - can be swapped ; 3 parent/kid animations
Couch and Bed Stool: 3 single sits ; 1 parent/kid animation
All items are Mod/Trans.

1- {Little Miss} Woodland Bed (RARE)

2- {Little Miss} Woodland Couch

3- {Little Miss} Bed Stool

4- {Little Miss} Woodland Wall Mountain

5- {Little Miss} Woodland Lamp

6- {Little Miss} Woodland Animal Pillows

7- {Little Miss} Woodland Rug

8- {Little Miss} Woodland Night stand

9- {Little Miss} Kawaii Phone

10- {Little Miss} Woodland Book Stack A

11- {Little Miss} Woodland Book Stack B

12- {Little Miss} Woodland Bunny Rag Doll

13- {Little Miss} Woodland Animal Canvas
{Little Miss} Woodland Canvas - Deer
{Little Miss} Woodland Canvas - Fox
{Little Miss} Woodland Canvas - Porcupine
{Little Miss} Woodland Canvas - Owl

{Little Miss} Woodland Wall Arrow

15- {Little Miss} Woodland Wall Frame
{Little Miss} Woodland Wall Frame - Goodnight
{Little Miss} Woodland Wall Frame - Panda

16- {Little Miss} Woodland Book Shelf A

17- {Little Miss} Woodland Book Shelf B

Credits: ✿ Little Miss 

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