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by - sexta-feira, março 03, 2017

 Outfit: [Vk!] Outfit Laine - Brown Flowers 

Aphrodite "Little Farm" Bed 
for one or two kids w/ parents
59 animations + 20 props
optional decos included as gift 
(Dangling lights, star lamps, sunny day and 3 farm animal toys) @ThimbleEvent Open Fev 20

Aphrodite "Hot Air Balloon" Musical Mobile Plays a nice sleeping song
with musical particle
rotates slowwly 
with resizer! @ThimbleEvent Open Fev 20

Aphrodite "Kids Tractor" drivable vehicle ( Red / Green ) 
Rezz and drive it realistically
with sound + 6 adjustable poses @ThimbleEvent Open Fev 20

Pose: {SJ} Look! I'm....
 Includes: Two static poses 
- 6 cupcakes with candles ranging from 1-6 
(Each cupcake & candle is texture change) 
- Extra candle to add to cupcakes 
- Candles have on/off flame.

Credits: ✿ Viv.a! Kids  Aphrodite ✿ Strawberry Jam  @ThimbleEvent 

✿ Thanks for the visit 

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