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by - domingo, abril 09, 2017

Body: ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl

Head: ToddleeDoo Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/  Miki Mesh Hair

Pajamas: PD<:*BoOgErS*:> Pyjamas 
5 Sets Each With, 4 Different Patterns & 13 cuff Colours @Ninety-NineEvent  Open april 9th.

Plush Rabbit: *CM* Burlap Rabbit Gacha (5)
There are 6 common, no rares!
This isn't just a easter product it can be used for anytime of the year!:D I hope you enjoy it! @Ninety-NineEvent  Open april 9th.

Pacifier: . Little Fox .  Pacifier Princess
They come with a clickie script so they squeak when poked, and a texture hud to change the color of the pacifier itself; they come in 6 cute styles!

Decoration: Wishes. Rainy Day Decor (Dream Clouds Mobile)  @OnceUponAChildEvent Open Apr 5th.

Pose: {SJ} Kylee Pose Pack ( Pack 5 Poses lying).

Credits: ✿ Wishes ✿ Candymade ✿ BoOgErS ✿ Paper Damsels  Little Fox ✿ Strawberry Jam 

✿ Thanks for the visit 

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