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by - sexta-feira, dezembro 08, 2017

Body: ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl

Head: ToddleeDoo Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE

Set 1
Skin: lambkin. *rose

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Zariah Mesh Hair - Reds
(In the "half price" room)
Event @TheChapterFour 4th December

Outfit: {Beary Little} My Winter Comfies - Light Pink
Available light & dark versions
Included, Hoodie and pants
Sizes, TD baby/ kids and Bebe body.
Event @Shop Hop Open 02th December.

Shop Hop Obs :
(Shop hop always starts on the first Saturday of the month and ends a week later)
With a Hud that will be sent to the store group: secondlife:///app/group/4969370a-3d1c-6052-cca2-b1abf936a13f/about, using this you can teleport to participating stores and you can buy items that will be in O Event for 100Ls each.

For the December round of Shop Hop all items will be sold as no copy transfer in order to make it easy to gift for the holidays! Some designers will have both Transfer & Non Transfer vendors out. Please take note when purchasing!

Set 2
Skin: lambkin. *rosie {pearl}

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Dark side gacha - Yuiki hair (Unrigged)
Event @The Imaginarium 1th December.

Sweater: Muriel. Hope Sweater - Cream
Available 14 colors
Sizes, TD baby and bebe body
Event @The ToddleeDoo Fair  27th November.

Mug: .tiptoes - Chilly Days Mug - Santa RARE 
11 commons and 2 rares - Boy/girl mugs include HUD
Original mesh mugs include a bento hold animation, resize script, and are all mod/trans!
Win the limited edition Winter Mouse Mug every 20 plays that includes a HUD featuring 6 brown mouse versions and 6 white mouse versions
Event @The Imaginarium 1th December.

Boots: {T.T} Joy boots
HUD With 2 fur colors, 5 boots colors, 5 bow colors, Socks option, foot lock, resizer / nom rigged.
Sizes TD baby/kids Hd and bebe body (Fitted).
Event @ColorMeCuteEvent Open 15th December.

Set 3
Skin: BF. Kodie bb Creme 300
Available 6 Skintones
Compatible Toddleedoo (Brow / no Brow)  and Bebe.
Event @The ToddleeDoo Fair  27th November.

Hair: Magika Itch

Outfit: .tiptoes - Warm wool hooded outfit
The Warm Wool Hooded Outfit is sold separately in 9 colors shown above. Sizes currently include Toddleedoo Baby Fitted (may work with the standard/HD body with use of alpha HUD) and will be updated later with Kid Fitted & Bebe Fitted sizes.
The Fatpack version includes a HUD with 9 bonus colors and the ability to mix & match the hoodie and pants.
Event @The ToddleeDoo Fair  27th November.

.BASIL. Winter Blues Cloud Shelf
Available 2 styles
The books on the winter shelf can be unlinked and removed
Event @Ninety-Nine Open 9th December.

Pose: [SC] Say Cheese - Sledding
Bear on slad included (pose ajustable)
Event @Ninety-Nine Open 9th December.

Background: RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Neon Grid#1

Credits: ToddleeDoo ✿ Ayashi  Beary Little ✿ Tiptoes ✿ Say Cheese  lambkin  Tiny Trinkets ✿ Baby Faces ✿ Wasabi Pills ✿ @Shop Hop ✿ @The ToddleeDoo Fair 

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